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Every year, the company makes more money than before. It's like climbing a ladder – steadily going up. The company is making fabrics , in Cotton...


We are well equipped with advanced and high speed circular knitting machine and flat knit machine.


Our unit is well equipped with all the process like Knitting, Dyeing & finishing, Washing, Compacter, Brushing, Tumbler...


The company is professionally managed. Following are the key personnel:-
Mr. Ashok Kumar Managing Director

Our Infrastructure

We are well equipped with advanced and high speed circular knitting machine and flat knit machine. In our circular knitting machine we are able to do both plain and yarn dyed to meet the requirements of our customers.

The Knitting Unit has imported sophisticated high- speed circular knitting machines, which can knit a full range from jersey to several advanced designs. An imported flat knitting machine produces quality knitted collar material.

Dyeing & finishing
Dying Facility will be installed in 2011. In that Project we have soft flow machines which are used for the bleaching and color dyeing of knitted cloth. Eco- Friendly dyes are used. A balloon – padding machine is used to extract water. To make the process quicker, a relax drier is also available. Macbeth system is used for color matching. Colour kitchen is used to get the best colour accuracy.
» Washing
Daily Capacity of 1500 Kg. Fabric
» Compacter
The washed and laundered cloth is then sent through the compacting machine to control shrinkage. An excellent process for controlling our fabric shrinkage with the help of the Santex tubular, open with compacting machine to meet the customer requirement.
Tube Tach & Fraro
Tubeler For Heat Set. (For Poly/Cotton Blended Fabrics)
» Brushing
Daily Capacity of Raising & Brusing is 4ton.Appox.
» Tumbler
6 Steem Tumblers.
» Garment Production Unit

The production line at the factory is installed with all types of imported sewing machines. A centralised cutting unit ensures speed & consistent quality and includes auto fabric spreading table and band knife cutting. A separate unit factory for woven has full fledged facilities to manufacture a wide range of woven garments for men, women and children to meet international standards. The products manufactured include Shirts, Top, Kids Garments Shorts etc.

The Garment Unit is in Gurgaon Haryana with a capacity of making 4000 knitted garments per day and WOVENS 6000.
The company plans to expand it’s garment capacity to 20000 pcs. per day.

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